Goodbye and good luck! 🍀

What an absolutely fantastic year we have all had in 5FS.  It has been a pleasure to teach each and every one of you.  Watching you all grow and improve is what makes our jobs worthwhile.  We hope you all have the best summer and have a great time with your lovely new year 6 teachers in September..

What has been the best part of year 5 for you?

Lots of love from Mrs Starling, Mrs Finnigan and Miss Sweetnam.


How to cure the Black Death…

Your task is to research the many methods that people in the middle ages used to try to rid themselves of the Black Death.

Use these website links to help you…

10 Crazy Cures for the Black Death

Brush performance

Today year 5 were lucky enough to go on a trip (yes another one!) to the MAC Theatre in Cannon Hill Park. Several of the children performed a short piece of drama that they wrote and directed with the help of the Brush Theatre company from South Korea and Miss King from the REP.

We then all watched a fantastic show performed by the very talented members of the Brush company. What an amazing experience to watch actors and performers from another culture share their work with us!

image1 (21)